financial freedom or independenceImagine taking your family out to eat and not having to worry about looking at the prices on the menu.

Imagine how easy for you to schedule a trip to the Caribbean and Bahamas to experience the fine white sands and turquoise water.

Wouldn’t it feel good if you didn’t have to worry about the exact date your next paycheck is going to come in, because all of your bills are already paid?


Welcome to financial freedom!

Being FINANCIALLY FREE is liberating yourself from being bound to anything or anyone for monetary reasons

You’re no longer doing the worst financial mistakes most people do.

You’re confident of putting your own business

You’re no longer dependent on the Social Security for your retirement because you’ve already secured a cash flow that can get you past your retirement years.


Financial literacy is important to your success.

If you want to become financially free and build wealth in the future, you need to be knowledgeable with MONEY.

Our present financial atmosphere is different. It changes faster than ever before.

You have to be prepared all the time, or else, you’ll be left behind.

REMEMBER: You need to have “informed decisions” when it comes to your finances.


Our financial coaching and wealth retention program

Get everything you need to be financially knowledgeable through the help of Mr. James Harnsberger, a  tax expert and wealth coach.

All you need to develop are the right habits for you to keep more money and eventually grow your wealth.

You’ll be struggling at first, but with constant practice, perseverance and commitment, you’ll become wealthy or even wealthier. You’ll become financially free or independent for the rest of your life.

Start with the right financial foundation and build wealth even more!

  • wealth retention programLearn how to handle money wisely.
  • Learn how to start your own business and become an entrepreneur, so you won’t end up being an employee forever!
  • Be educated about taxes and how you can apply them to make more money for your business