The IRS Audit Notice… One of the Scariest Letters You Could EVER Receive…

Yet It Doesn’t Have to Be


When the IRS issues an AUDIT NOTICE they are informing you that they want to meet with you and discuss information you reported on your tax return! But that’s really only the beginning of the process.

They will most likely want to discuss a host of questions with you and with almost certain fact, they will want to see other tax returns you have filed as well.

From there, it’s a slippery slope to begin investigating all your records, including bank accounts and...

Do You Really Want To
Sit Down With An IRS Agent?

That’s a trick question: of course, you don’t!

Getting audited is like the equivalent of – forgive me for being blunt – a financial rectal exam. Even if you’ve got nothing to hide or worry about, it’s still an agonizing process.

And the best case is they make you jump through countless hoops, open up all your financials – and take precious time and hours away from your business…

Again, that’s the BEST case. I don’t even need to tell you the worst case.

The Good News Is, Audit Notices Don’t Have to Be Scary… When You Have the Right Help!

The IRS really prefers people don’t have all the information or professional assistance from qualified enrolled agent – because it makes it easier for them to get their demand met.

On the other hand, an experienced enrolled agent will be able to greatly assist – sometimes preventing an audit all together – while ensuring all your rights are upheld and the entire process is as painless as possible.

My team and I have helped countless clients avoid or get through audits – and if you’ve received a notice – we can help you, too.

You do NOT have to live in fear or suffer the nightmare of an audit.

You can get started with us today, your SET UP FEE of $1500 will cover all the following work to determine what the solution is:

  • File Power of Attorney
  • File Disclosure Request
  • Order immediate account transcripts from IRS
  • Review all tax returns related to the AUDIT
  • Review all tax information to ensure you have no RED FLAGS or HUGE ISSUES
  • Research the facts and law
  • Arrive at a final resolution that will solve the problem FOR GOOD!

...AND we can then advise you of what our efforts are to Represent you before the IRS in the audit and at the same time protect all your rights and make sure you do not agree to something you are not required to agree to!

Then, we will give you an engagement with an actual resolution plan for the audit and a fee quote that will solve the audit problem with the IRS for us to represent you!

Here’s How It Works...

Your $1500 set up fee will be APPLIED AS A CREDIT against that total fee so you actually WIN by using the set up fee to offset any other fees to resolve your case.

Every case is different and facts are always different so until we investigate the facts the best we can do is PROMISE you we will do it better, faster, and for less money to get a FINAL SOLUTION that could as in some cases mean you do not owe the IRS a dime and the problem goes away!

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James Harnsberger - Enrolled Agent

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