March 3, 2018

9:00AM to 11:30AM

Home of James & Susan Harnsberger

4239 N Rogers Road

Spring Valley, CA 91977

Look for Orange Cone Top of Driveway


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Your Business, Wealth and Future

Next Session: March 3, 2018


Durable Power of Attorney

Health Care Directives

Living Will, Living Trust

Corporate Documents you should have

How we build our wealth can vary as much as the choices of our wealth vehicles! What is most critical and important (Pay Attention) is that if you do not have specific documents that are designed to protect and preserve that which you accumulate, your family and loved ones can be literally thrown under the bus! Attend my private Financial Coaching Mastermind on March 3, 2018 @ 9am to learn exactly what you always must have.


Let me ask you a question…… IF something were to happen today to you (God forbid that) what exactly would you do or what would your family do? If you have minor children do you have a guardianship set up? If not the courts will decide and that could be huge! Every asset you own could be tied up in probate and you would need to pay lawyers to sort it out! Your business would almost for certain be stopped with no succession plan and your wife would likely have to eat “cat food”. When would now be a good time to get it solved and get it done?


RSVP to my assistant (Jessica Fox @ 619 670-1459) and let her know you WILL be there for this Mastermind Session. Bring your notepad. We will have WORKBOOKS available for $25 each with all forms and all materials to get you started.  The workbooks contain 10 Sections with Sample Forms and a workbook for the coaching sessions. Almost 90% of these documents you can do yourself and save the money!


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