LLC Organization Structure Using a Corporate Managing Member


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One of the many common factors I find in men and women who are wealthy is the fact they spend a good deal of time understanding how to structure their business and all of their financial transactions so that they are able to keep more of their money, reduce risk, and create the life they desire!

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Making more money is important and we all agree!

However, keeping more of what you make is more valuable and truly the only way that you can keep more of what you make is to know what to do!



Working capital is important to every business owner and we naturally all agree with that!

Building credit for your business can take time obviously.

Having immediate access to cash from $7500 to $250,000 could give you the extra working capital necessary to build your business and take the next step in your financial success!



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Obviously you do not want to risk getting turned down.

With our Business Credit Support we work with you BEFORE you apply so that we can have a higher success of getting you the cash you need right now!

We work with nearly one dozen companies who offer lines of credit.

We work with a half dozen companies that offer immediate access to lines of credit.

We do the vetting and review BEFORE you apply so we can help you qualify for more!

We work with you to organize the paperwork that will be needed!

We point out any areas where you may need to focus attention to before applying.

We work with you to walk you through step-by-step as you apply and get access to your money.

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