If you have back taxes and you cannot pay in full the amount you owe, you can complete Form 12A200 – Kentucky Individual Income Tax Installment Agreement Request.

However, there are so many consequences of not paying your tax debts and the results can take its toll in your life. Here you’ll need some sort of tax relief in Kentucky.

We can help you with an Offer in Compromise or any other tax settlement in Kentucky if you are unable to pay your tax debts in full.

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Forming an LLC or corporation in Kentucky can be really time-consuming. Not only that you will need to prepare documents, but you will also have to choose the right business structure.

The business structure determines how much will be taxed on your business. This also determines how much profit or money you can make. With this, you will need our expertise to help you determine what is the best structure for your business.

Entity formation in Kentucky is easy peasy with the pros!

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Entity Formation and Reorganization in Louisville
Entity Formation and Reorganization in Richmond
Entity Formation and Reorganization in Georgetown
Entity Formation and Reorganization in Winchester
Entity Formationnd Reorganization in Burlington

Entity Formation and Reorganization in Madisonville
Entity Formation and Reorganization in Frankfort
Entity Formation and Reorganization in Murray
Entity Formation and Reorganization in Independence
Entity Formation and Reorganization in Henderson




Need help with financing your business? Worry no more! We can connect you to a dozen of lenders who are willing to provide you with financing for your business.

Our business financial support services are what you need to keep your business running. We can do basic succession planning to protect your business from major tragic life events and also financial organization to keep all your pertinent documents organized.

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Business Financial Support in Louisville
Business Financial Support in Richmond
Business Financial Support in Georgetown
Business Financial Support in Winchester
Business Financial Support in Burlington

Business Financial Support in Madisonville
Business Financial Support in Frankfort 
Business Financial Support in Murray
Business Financial Support in Independence
Business Financial Support in Henderson



Imagine a team that does important business support such as bookkeeping, payroll, business reporting, and more.

You can choose from four levels of access that will provide solutions to your business.

Our pros can navigate through the complex tasks to bring out the best for your business.

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