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Imagine having the great tools you have learned and discovering how they are working for you each and every day. Imagine what it would feel like to have one new tool a week to build confidence and to gain mental strength, emotional clarity, and highly effective communication skills!

You have a rare opportunity to work with me over the next several months as I provide opportunities for you to discover the person you desire to be! You have the opportunity to do this with the following direct benefits;

  • One weekly coaching call of 1.0 hour per week highly directional...
  • One highly effective tool I will teach you each week to build your confidence...
  • One BLOG post per week that will reinforce for you the methods you are discovering...


The chance to learn, apply, and integrate directional living in your business and life..

ONCE YOU DISCOVER HOW EASY IT IS to become very directional in your business you get a BAAM!!

Naturally my desire for your outcome is to realize all that I have discovered that goes into creating intention and direction in your life. While it is true that you may not be in the exact location today that you desire, you are well on your way.

This uniquely positioned opportunity will allow you to discover your strengths, experience new confidence, realize the desires you hold and become the directional force within and you can participate literally for the cost of 1 Starbucks a day at $67 a month and it will put you on the path to earn more, keep more, have more, live more and enjoy more in all that you do!

Those who decide and do will also be provided an opportunity to discover hidden secrets in working with tax professionals, and other professionals to recruit as your Solar Equity Partner. I have enough tools in my arsenal to provide you with 1 highly effective tool each week for nearly 110 weeks!

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Sign Up For Direct Sales Training With James Harnsberger