Need Help Preparing Your Taxes?

How Much You Owe (or Get Back)
Will Depend On HOW You Prepare Them!

One of the costliest things you could ever do is simply file a tax return without a strategy in place.

I see it time and time again… going to H&R Block or using an app like TurboTax, and then owing money – when often time, you could be saving or getting money back from the IRS.

That’s the difference between having an actual tax strategy in place versus simply filing and deducting expenses.


We Never Simply File a Tax Return… There’s Always a Strategy!


Depending on your situation and details, sometimes that strategy may involve extra accounting or costs – or setting up a corporation for you.

Other times, it might just be maximizing benefits you’re entitled to but don’t realize – and filing your return in legal alignment with those, to save you as much as possible.

We can’t know until we see your specifics, but I assure you:


This Is THE Best Way to Maximize Your
Tax Savings and Simplify the Process


To get started on preparing your current tax year 2016 returns simply click the BUY NOW button below and pay the $750 DEPOSIT to begin the process.

Here’s how it will work:

  • 1

    My Team will contact you to set up your secure portal

    Protecting your personal and business information is our top priority.

  • 2

    Set up the checklist of documents we will need

    By securing what we need early, we can ensure that we accomplish everything efficiently and accurately.

  • 3

    Secure additional information necessary to prepare the most accurate return possible while SAVING you obviously as much money in taxes as we legally can!

  • 4

    If there are additional charges, you will be billed at the LOWER member preferred rate and my Team will contact you to give you a final estimate of the total fee to prepare and file your business or personal tax returns.

Final Note Before You Get Started:


If you are filing a business return AND a personal return you will need to pay the deposit on each return as they are separate tax returns. If there is a CREDIT for any reason and the total cost DOES NOT equal the $750 deposit then obviously we will rebate to you the difference.

When it comes to filing a current year return you want to know exactly every deduction the law allows so you can legally pay the lowest tax possible. In order for us to help you discover the significant savings we can provide it is our policy to ensure that we gather every possible item of information from you that will only help you pay the lowest tax!

Naturally, thousands of satisfied business owners have had the experience of significant tax savings from the high quality of work we provide in preparing a current tax year return.

Let’s get started with your return today, using the button below.


James Harnsberger - Enrolled Agent

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