Do You Owe the IRS Money?

READ THIS Before You Pay
Them a Single Penny

I’ll be blunt.

When you owe the IRS you have very few options available to you:

  • You can ignore them (not such a great idea)
  • You can pay it in full (Usually not an option most people have)
  • You can set up payments (Up to 72 months in some cases)
  • You can file bankruptcy (ruin your credit and you still may not be able to discharge the IRS debt)


Or there’s another option....

It’s Called a “Fresh Start” with the
IRS with an Offer in Compromise


Maybe you’ve heard about it, but here’s the thing…

Most of the companies who do marketing around the claim of being able to help you pay “pennies on the dollar” for money you owe the IRS – are not qualified to help you.

Many are not even enrolled agents or tax professionals at all.

They just charge you a lot of money based on fear, and then farm out the work to someone more qualified who can actually negotiate before the IRS.

Why pay thousands more to someone who can’t even really help you?

This Is Where Working with an Experienced Enrolled Agent Changes Everything

Because enrolled agents – especially one like me, with decades of experience successfully negotiating offers with the IRS – can truly help you get an offer accepted.

The Only Way to Know What Your Offer
Could Be Is By Starting the Process Today


Your SET UP FEE of $1500 will cover all the following work to determine what the solution is, and includes:

  • Pre-Qualify you for an IRS Offer “Fresh Start” program
  • File Power of Attorney
  • File Disclosure Request
  • Order immediate account transcripts from IRS
  • Review all tax returns related to the taxes you owe
  • Review all tax information to ensure you have no RED FLAGS or HUGE ISSUES that could prevent an offer
  • Research the facts and law for your case to determine the MOST EFFECTIVE STRATEGY AND OUTCOME!
  • Arrive at a final resolution that will solve the problem FOR GOOD!

...AND we can then advise you of what our efforts are to Represent you before the IRS in the offer and at the same time protect all your rights and make sure you do not agree to something you are not required to agree to!

...AND We negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to get you the LOWEST LEGALLY SETTLEMENT possible!!!

Then, we will give you an engagement with an actual resolution plan for the audit and a fee quote that will solve the audit problem with the IRS for us to represent you!

Your $1500 set up fee will be APPLIED AS A CREDIT against that total fee so you actually WIN by using the set up fee to offset any other fees to resolve your case. Every case is different and facts are always different so until we investigate the facts the best we can do is PROMISE you we will do it better, faster, and for less money to get a FINAL SOLUTION that could as in some cases mean you do not owe the IRS a dime and the problem goes away! That is a result where the audit concludes with NO CHANGES!


James Harnsberger - Enrolled Agent

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this site, we cannot guarantee any eventual financial gain. Future pricing & offerings is subject to change without notice.