Filed But Haven’t Paid? Your Tax Debt Is GROWING Faster Than You Think…  

If you’ve filed all your prior years – but haven’t paid – I’ve good and bad news…


The good news is you’re NOT facing any legal risk.


The BAD NEWS is that IRS charges interest rates and penalties that add up MASSIVELY.


For instance, let’s imagine someone who owes the IRS $100,000 each year for the last two years.


That’s $200,000 in liability – but with interest and penalties – it could quickly approach $280,000-300,000!


Higher Penalties Are Far from
Your Biggest Concern, Though…


Because the more money you owe the IRS, the greater your risk for enforcement action.


I’m talking about liens, levy, garnishment… even seizure of property.


If you don’t like the prospect of owing the IRS increasingly more money AND escalating levels of enforcement, where they can legally take things from you…


… then you’ll really want to consider taking action.


How We Help You Stop Escalating
IRS Debt and Enforcement


Here’s what this plan includes:


  • We obtain all IRS transcripts (so we know what your current debt with the IRS is, and the rate at which it’s growing)
  • Call the IRS to stop any immediate enforcement actions; we know what to say, and how to say it to get those phone calls, letters and frightening actions to STOP
  • We help you determine whether your debt number is accurate and how it can be legally reduced—including the possibility of amending prior returns within the statute of limitations
  • Prepare a complete, customized solution for “record reconstruction” and what an estimate for your tax liability might be if amended


AND not only that…


We will invest up to 20 hours to come up with a strategic outcome that…


Slows or Stops Escalating Enforcement
from the IRS – and Keeps Your Money Safe


If you desire that we actually prepare and file (or amend prior) returns and assist you in negotiating a settlement with the IRS -- then 100% of your $1500 will be applied to all work.


On top of that, you will receive a PREFERRED WATG RATE for all work including preparation or amending of all returns, prepare and negotiate an installment agreement, and prepare and negotiate an Offer in Compromise based upon qualifications we assist you to meet IRS rules.


Either way, whether you choose to take our assessment and strategy – the same one that’s worked for hundreds of clients – and do it yourself… or credit your fee toward discounted work from us…


You’ll pay the minimum allowable and compliant by law, and sleep soundly knowing increasing debt won’t lead to seizure of assets at the worst possible time.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this site, we cannot guarantee any eventual financial gain. Future pricing & offerings is subject to change without notice.