Besides Rare Instances Of Arrest... 
A LEVY Is The Scariest Action The IRS Can Ever Initiate… Yet There Is Hope!

When the IRS issues a LEVY they are seizing your property and money.

It can be a bank account LEVY or a wage garnishment LEVY or a property LEVY or a LEVY issued to people who owe you money.

Yep, they can literally “intercept” money owed to you and claim it as theirs.

That means they could take your existing resources and assets – AND cut off your ability to receive future payments, making it VERY hard to live.

Here’s the thing…


A LEVY Doesn’t Have
to Result in Seizure


That’s because you have rights…

  • You have a right to a Due Process Hearing!
  • You have a right to challenge the IRS actions!
  • You have a right to fair treatment!

In general, we are able to STOP A LEVY the same day.

Not all cases have the same outcome but the real issue is to protect your rights YOU MUST ACT NOW to STOP the IRS in their tracks.

It really depends on your situation and the details, but we’ll never know until we look at your case.

That’s Why It’s Critical
To Get Started Today...


We will gather all the facts, notices, and other information for you, we will file a POWER OF ATTORNEY with the IRS and call them to attempt to stop the levy immediately, and we will go to work and investigate fully what the problem is and how it can be resolved once and for all!

Your SET UP FEE of $1500 will cover all the following work to determine what the solution is and includes:

  • Contact IRS to STOP LEVY
  • File Power of Attorney
  • File Disclosure Request
  • Order immediate account transcripts from IRS
  • Review all tax returns related to the LEVY
  • Review all tax information to ensure you actually owe the money (Many clients actually do not owe)
  • Gather all information and any notices
  • Research the facts and law
  • Arrive at a final resolution that will solve the problem FOR GOOD!
  • Then, we will give you an engagement with an actual resolution plan and a fee that will solve the problem with the IRS

Here’s How It Works:


Your $1500 set up fee will be APPLIED AS A CREDIT against that total fee so you actually WIN by using the set up fee to offset any other fees to resolve your case.

Every case is different and facts are always different so until we investigate the facts the best we can do is PROMISE you we will do it better, faster, and for less money to get a FINAL SOLUTION that could as in some cases mean you do not owe the IRS a dime and the problem goes away!

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James Harnsberger - Enrolled Agent

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