The IRS Allows You To AMEND Your Tax Return...


THREE YEARS After Filing!

One of the hardest things to understand is how you can get such different results on your tax return when a Tax Expert reviews it and discovers you have overpaid your tax


Are You 100% Sure You Did Not Overpay?


As part of our Due Diligence we are required to review the last three years tax returns for every new client and what we discover in many cases is that a good number of taxpayers OVERPAY by a fair amount of tax due in large part to errors and omissions. What we provide once you get started is a complete review by TWO experts to ensure we come to the same conclusion about your tax return.

We also:

  • Order IRS account transcripts
  • File Power of Attorney
  • Review prior returns for other potential carry forward issues
  • Review all final financial information to match to returns
  • Review any property transfers, sales and purchases
  • Review any transfer issues related to IRA or other retirement accounts
  • Determine the required filing for tax information and review all tax credits
  • Determine any special elections you may have been entitled to claim
  • Research any special issues
  • Develop a filing plan for all tax filings to amend the returns IF we determine you overpaid


Then, we will give you an engagement with an actual resolution plan for the necessary and required tax filings including a final amount we determine will be your added refund.

Here’s How It Works:

Your $1,000 set up fee will be APPLIED AS A 100% CREDIT against that total fee so you actually WIN by using the set up fee to offset any other fees to resolve your case.  Every case is different and facts are always different so until we investigate the facts the best we can do is PROMISE you we will do it better, faster, and for less money to get a FINAL SOLUTION that could as in some cases mean you could potentially reduce any liability on taxes OR recover overpaid taxes with an amended refund claim.

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James Harnsberger - Enrolled Agent

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