Find Out if You OVERPAID by $30,000-150,000+ in Taxes
IN JUST 3 SIMPLE STEPS (and Avoid Overpaying in the Future)

While every case is different and we make no exact claims of exactly how much we can save you... our average client who goes through this evaluation discovers anywhere from $30,000... and up to $150,000 in overpaid taxes that can be potentially recovered; not to mention massive possible savings for the current fiscal year and future!

 The first step takes just 30 seconds, and you can begin below this video...

The best part? You’re NOT alone. You don’t need to do it all yourself. We’re here to help! Just begin with the 30-second request form below. Then, someone from The Wealth & Tax Guru Team will personally contact you and walk you through the following steps:

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    Set up secure document exchange portal.

    We take great care in securing your personal and business information. Rest assured your important financial information is safe and secure!

  • 2

    Provide you with list of documents to upload to portal in secure exchange.

    We will provide you with what we will need to full evaluate where you've been financially... where you are... and most importantly, where you want to go!

  • 3

    Have you complete a simple 1 minute Census Data Sheet.

    Please take just one minute to fill out this important data sheet. This will help us with our evaluation work-up.

That’s it! After that, the ball is in our court and we immediately get to work using a 4-step evaluation process -- valued at over $1000, FREE -- which includes:

  • 1

    Analyze prior year tax returns.

    We will thoroughly go through previous returns to get a clear understanding of where you are coming from financially.

  • 2

    Determine baseline tax for period reviewed.

    All-important information needed to create an accurate starting point in determining the best course of action for you and your company.

  • 3

    Draft Outline of Strategic Outcome Based Tax Savings

    We will put together a comprehensive outcome-based tax savings plan that will illustrate how having the right strategy puts your business on track going forward.

  • 4

    Draft Scope of Work and Summary Advisement of Tax Savings and other benefits.

    You will receive your full work-up evaluation with what we feel would be the BEST course for you and your business to take.


Why do this? Simple: it’s the only way for us to know if our team can help you KEEP MORE MONEY, and get the 400-500% monthly return/savings on a potential investment with our CUSTOM CONCIERGE SUPPORT PROGRAM.

What we DO know is we’ve helped thousands of business owners over the last 30+ years be fully compliant, and yet legally keep far more of their money -- past, present and future.

If you qualify and are accepted, you’ll immediately receive over $6,000 worth of bonus services that include audit protection, high-level accounting guidance, corporate structure advisement, power of attorney assistance and much more.

Begin right now with the 30-second form below: