Have you been receiving notices from the Internal Revenue Service? Did you know that if you taxes remain unpaid you will be assigned to a collections revenue officer?

Don’t take that lightly. That’s just the first stage of aggressive collection and it doesn’t stop there. The government have the legal right to garnish your wage or even seize your properties when you ignore your tax obligations.

If you’ve been receiving notices and are subject to lien or levy, you will need a tax professional’s assistance to help you come up with the best solution for your case. This qualified professional will also be able to represent you before the state of Georgia.

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Are you excited to come up with your own entity in Florida?

There are various requirements and processes to form your entity in Florida. But you need to figure out first which business structure is suitable for your business.

If you need an expert to help you with the details, we can advise which type is best for your business: LLC, Sole Proprietorship, and Corporation. We can also work on restructuring your existing business, so you can have more time in developing your business.

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Every business wants to make money.  But some businesses fail because they lack strong working capital and management skills.

The working capital will help propel your business forward and you will always have a money on the side for future investments.

We know how important it is for you to have a business and be able to maintain it. We can help you move forward as we take care of important documents and tie you up with credible lenders.

We take pride of our Financial Organization Support  and Financial Control Program

We also provide basic succession planning.

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Business Financial Support in Columbus
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It’s time to free up some tasks and start focusing on more important aspect of your business.

For as low as $267 per month, you can have a range of business support services such as bookkeeping, power of attorney business protection, payroll support, and more.

Hire us to help your business become a success!

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