Why Your LLC or Corporation Is Likely NOT
Benefitting You in All the Ways It Could Be…


It’s more important to properly incorporate now than at any other point in human history.




Three reasons:


  1. Misinformation is at an all-time high
  2. Risks, including litigation or tax problems, are at all-time highs
  3. The greatest corporate tax reform in 30 years is underway NOW


Without the Right Corporate Structure,
Your Risk Skyrockets and Savings Evaporate


First of all, many corporate entities do NOT protect the owners in the way its assumed.


One example is the LLC, as typically formed and declared, which is disregarded by the IRS for tax purposes – meaning you’re liable for the highest possible tax rate.


I’ve spent 30 years successfully advising clients on optimum corporate structure for their needs.


And now, with the Trump corporate tax changes set to massively benefit those who understand the new tax code and corporate structures to best benefit… it is THE perfect time to evaluate your strategy.


Get a Highly-Sophisticated Strategy AND
New or Modified Entity for Pennies on the Dollar


Because I’ve seen the disastrous consequences of improper corporate formation countless times – leading to debt, IRS action, and even prison – I’m understandably passionate about helping people in this critical area.


Because many small businesses are simply not in the position to spend the $4,890 for the value-added help and services we provide to assist in this process… we devised a far more affordable solution that includes a 100% reorganized entity.


This will ensure you and your business get ALL the benefits of a true corporation, while minimizing risk and liability down to the lowest possible levels.


Here’s everything you get as part of our $1,367 package – which is less than 25% of the cost of these services and benefits billed on their own:


  • FREE Audit Protection – meaning, should you ever get audited, our consulting and advisement fees are 100% waived; the only costs would be minimal accounting, if needed. Potentially worth thousands or more in liability if you are ever audited.


  • First Year Corporate Tax Return FREE (Federal and State) – note: this isn’t merely filing, like you would get from any tax preparation company – but rather, an optimized return congruent with your sophisticated corporate strategy


  • Tax Agreements for:
  • Your compensation
  • Your Corporate Benefits
  • Your Expense Reimbursements
  • Your Vehicle Mileage Reimbursements
  • Your Home Office Reimbursements


  • Durable Power of Attorney for Your Corporation – this is critical for your protection and proper allocation of your corporate assets, should you ever become incapacitated and unable to manage your affairs.


  • Living Will – also critical for ensuring your wishes are carried out, no matter what happens to you at anytime – ever.


  • Most Importantly, the Right Corporate Entity – optimized for you and your needs, to maximize savings, protection, profits, tax advantages, accounting and growth of your business!


Again. Paying for these added services would cost you $4890 -- PLUS the cost to reorganize the corporation/LLC. Yet you can get them all, including formation fees for just $1,367.


Use the button below or above to begin the process, or contact us using the form below to discuss your situation and needs more specifically.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this site, we cannot guarantee any eventual financial gain. Future pricing & offerings is subject to change without notice.