If You Don’t Have a Corporation (or the Right One),
Here’s How to Form Yours for Maximum Profits


James Harnsberger - Enrolled Agent



It’s a FACT:

Many entrepreneurs, marketers and freelancers do NOT have the optimal corporate structure to maximize tax savings.

It’s a sad reality that collectively costs them billions of dollars, annually.

Corporations were created by the wealthy to help provide protection and legally reduce their taxes.

They are literally vehicles of wealth creation and preservation.


The Problem with Corporations Is
They Require the RIGHT Tax Strategy


Simply incorporating or forming an LLC or even a C-Corp isn’t enough.

The type of corporation you form depends on your business – AND more importantly, on the optimal tax strategy for your particular set up.

Your corporation can pay you a more modest salary than is currently flowing through your business – and reduce your taxes considerably – while also preserving more wealth.

In fact, your corporation can pay you in SEVEN different ways.

Your corporation can provide you with countless benefits…


… ONLY IF You Have Your Corporation
Created and Set Up Properly


While the right corporation can save you 5-figures… 6-figures… even 7-figures or more…

… the WRONG corporation and tax strategy not only kills your potential savings – it also leaves you incredibly vulnerable.

For instance, one freelance marketing professional I worked with got advised to create an LLC for tax protection.

Little did he know, he was risking criminal charges and JAIL at that time – until this error was corrected.

That’s how significant just ONE mistake in your corporation setup and tax strategy can be.

It’s also why working with our team to form your corporation and strategy is so valuable…


Here’s EVERYTHING You’ll Get with
Your WATG Corporation Package:

  • We will form your corporation in any of “our” states; provided this will be effective for you. If not our state, we’ll help you form one in another state of your choosing…
  • We will immediately get your IRS and State Tax ID Number delivered to you BEFORE your final paperwork arrives – so you can setup your bank account and begin flowing money into it...
  • We will rush ship your articles of incorporation book and corporate seal – making your corporation undeniably official...
  • Most importantly, we will draft all your corporate tax agreements for:
  • Compensation
  • Corporate benefits
  • Corporate health insurance plan
  • Corporate Medical Benefit Plan
  • Corporate vehicle reimbursement plan
  • Corporate home office reimbursement plan
  • Corporate meal and entertainment reimbursement plan

These are often-overlooked, massive tax savings opportunities – and they must be setup correctly in order to legally take advantage of them.

We Will ALSO Include:

  • FREE Audit Protection – meaning, should you ever get audited, our consulting and advisement fees are 100% waived; the only costs would be minimal accounting, if needed. Potentially worth thousands or more in liability if you are ever audited...
  • First Year Corporate Tax Return FREE (Federal and State) – note: this isn’t merely filing, like you would get from any tax preparation company – but rather, an optimized return congruent with your sophisticated corporate strategy...
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Your Corporation – this is critical for your protection and proper allocation of your corporate assets, should you ever become incapacitated and unable to manage your affairs...
  • Living Will – also critical for ensuring your wishes are carried out, no matter what happens to you at anytime – ever...


Again. Paying for these added services would cost you $4890 – not including the additional $800 fee to form your new corporation. Yet you can get them all, including formation fees for just $2167.

Use the button below or above to begin the process, or contact us using the form below to discuss your situation and needs more specifically.

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this site, we cannot guarantee any eventual financial gain. Future pricing & offerings is subject to change without notice.