Paying your taxes late or not paying at all means penalties and interests from the IRS. You should not take this lightly since having back taxes is considered a criminal offense. There are various ways you can pay your back taxes, including the Offer in Compromise (OIC), which allows people to make monthly or staggered payments until the entire debt has been fully paid. The penalty abatement could be granted for those who are having difficulty paying their taxes because of unusual hardship.

If you feel exhausted and threatened, it’s best to seek out a tax professional or Enrolled Agent to represent you before the IRS so you save time and energy.

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Many Arkansas locals want to have their own businesses. Most of them operate as LLCs and corporations to get most of the tax benefits.

Although LLCs in Arkansas are more affordable and are much easier to form compared to other states, the State of Arkansas follows unique LLC requirements. First, they must register with the Arkansas Secretary of State.

However, if you need help in determining the right business structure for tax benefits or in restructuring an existing entity, you can rely on our team to get all the things needed.

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The reality is: any business won’t run without money or capital.  Capital is to business as oil is to machine.

If you are a small business owner in need of working capital financing, we can help review your business structure and financial data, determine the issues, and connect you with lending companies.

We also do basic succession planning support to secure your business and financial organization support to keep everything organized.

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It’s best to hire an A-team to do all important tasks for your business such as bookkeeping, payroll, business reporting, and more.

Our team will do those tasks, so you can focus on your business and make it thrive. Discover the four levels you can tap that are guaranteed to be beneficial for your business.

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