Ignoring your tax obligations will give you headache and even serious criminal charges.

These IRS tax problems can result from those back taxes or tax debts you owe the federal government or the State of Alabama Department of Revenue. As a result, you’ll be facing tax liens, levy or wage garnishment.

In case you’re trapped in this situation, you can rely on our tax experts to help you solve any tax problems you have with the IRS.

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When you begin a business, you should choose whether it will be a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company (LLC).

Which of these structures is appropriate for your business? The answer relies upon the type of business you run, the number of owner, and its financial situation. Not all structure fits all.

Business owners must pick the structure that best addresses their needs. These include:

  • the potential dangers and liabilities of your business
  • the costs associated with starting and keeping your business
  • the tax situation, and
  • the investment needs

With the help of James Harnsberger and his team, you can have the right business structure for your startup or restructure an existing entity.

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Entity Formation and Entity Reorganization in Auburn
Entity Formation and Entity Reorganization in Birmingham
Entity Formation and Entity Reorganization in Decatur
Entity Formation and Entity Reorganization in Dothan
Entity Formation and Entity Reorganization in Hoover

Entity Formation and Entity Reorganization in Huntsville
Entity Formation and Entity Reorganization in Madison
Entity Formation and Entity Reorganization in Mobile
Entity Formation and Entity Reorganization in Montgomery
Entity Formation and Entity Reorganization in Tuscaloosa


Alabama Business Financial Support

Would you like to begin a business venture in Alabama, United States, but you are afraid on where to tap those financial resources?

Regardless of whether you have a startup or an existing business, you may need a working capital and lines of credit to sustain your business.

You can rely on our team to audit all the basic money-related information and coordinate you to different companies that can give you quick cash.

We can also help you organize your finances so you know where your money go. Aside from financial organization, we can help you with succession planning  so you could secure your business before any major life event happen.

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Business Financial Support in Aurburn
Business Financial Support in Birmingham
Business Financial Support in Decatur
Business Financial Support in Dothan
Business Financial Support in Hoover

Business Financial Support in Huntsville
Business Financial Support in Madison
Business Financial Support in Mobile
Business Financial Support in Montgomery
Business Financial Support in Tuscaloosa


Alabama Business Solutions

Our concierge support or full service covers your financial needs and goals to support your business. Our business solutions will help you save more money, pay less taxes, and create more opportunities to grow your business.

You can choose from four levels of access to our full service business solutions, so you can focus your time and energy in growing your business.

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Business Solutions in Aurburn
Business Solutions in Birmingham
Business Solutions in Decatur
Business Solutions in Dothan
Business Solutions in Hoover

Business Solutions in Huntsville
Business Solutions in Madison
Business Solutions in Mobile
Business Solutions in Montgomery
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